Making a Difference

Rescue PAC has been in operation since 2020. Health and quality of life are of huge priority to us, so we make a strong effort to ensure all rescues are properly examined, treated, vaccinated, chipped and spayed/neutered prior to being adopted out. We also understand that as a pet owner there are times that  owners feel overwhelmed by the vet bills and we sympathize with those individuals. In addition to our own rescue intakes that we find abandoned, we also provide assistance to our community pet owners who want to do the right thing but may not be in a financial position to help their loved one. 

Our intakes vet care ranges anywhere from simple care to surgical care. The critical care provided to our intakes has been dewormer, parvo testing to include treatment for parvo, and heartworm treatment are just some of many things our rescue has assisted with. Our surgical care has included x-rays and procedures such as hip surgery. 

Rescue PAC believes that we can make a difference if we work together and work with our community.