Foster Application

Rescue PAC holds the belief that dogs help remind people of invaluable life practices such as presence, forgiveness and unconditional love. In gratitude, we work to provide stray, abandoned and injured canines the opportunity to a greater quality of life as well as a loving family. 

We are seeking dedicated individuals or families to foster with us. By fostering you are not only saving one dogs life, you are saving many. You are keeping a dog from being homeless and keeping them from living a life in the shelter. 

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Foster's Information

What dog(s) are you applying to foster?

Emergency Contact

Living Arrangements

If renting, please provide the following:

Do you have a fenced in yard?

Are there any slats/openings that could allow a small dog to get in/out?

If any people are living with you, please list them below:

Is everyone in your home aware that you have applied to foster?

Is everyone agreeable to having a foster at home?

Animal Care

How many hours per day will the foster(s) be left alone?

When left alone, fosters will be:

Are you able to transport foster to vet and adoption events?

Please list all animals living with you:

We need fosters!