Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

All funds raised will help cover Giving Tuesday's vet care and medication.

$660 raised. Only $2840 away from goal!


Every year, Black Friday is followed by a celebration of generosity called Giving Tuesday. On this day, all are encouraged choose a charity to donate towards to help further support their mission to make a positive difference.

This year, our organization hopes to meet a donation goal of $3,500 so that we may continue to provide essential vet care to our current RPAC dogs.

For a clearer idea of what raised funds will assist with, we've broken down cost here: 

  • Non-urgent spay & microchipping: $200 (6 in need of funding)
  • Urgent spay: $393 (2 in need of funding)
  • Heartworm Treatment: $300-$400 (2 in need of funding)
  • Emergency care funds: $500
To help us reach this goal, please consider making any donation (every dollar counts) and sharing our mission and goal with friends, family and coworkers. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.