Adopt me!
Adopt me!



  • Mixed breed, Approx 4 years old
  • 55 lbs, adult weight
  • Prefers company of other friendly adult dogs
  • House trained, kennel trained, naps often & loves walks

Darla was rescued during a 2021, winter cold front with her four puppies. She was painfully shy upon admission, so much so that she would sometimes refuse to move from her safe resting place for a whole day without taking a potty break. 

Despite being so shy, she is also incredibly submissive and has allowed our team to gently care for her without objection.

Darla is heart worm positive and currently undergoing treatment. During her time in our care, she has learned that humans aren't so scary after and has even learned to trust some men, whom she's shown to be most nervous around initially.

Darla learns routine fairly quickly and lets her guard down most easily when in the presence of other friendly dogs; though puppy energy may be a bit too much for Darla right now, she truly loves and seems to thrive in the presence of other dogs. 

Because she is still fairly shy, but so incredibly gentle, we hope Darla finds her way into a forever home that is mostly calm and very loving. She definitely deserves it.

*Adoption fees for all dogs are $250 and include all essential vaccines, heart worm treatment (if necessary), a microchip and spay/neuter. 

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